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Exam session success!

The club hosted their annual testing event last night (3-18-20) at the Hendricks County Government Center.

The names listed below are now new hams:

Nischal KD9PDH (youth) (Tech)
Donald KD9PDI (Tech)
David KD9PDJ (General)
Jesse KD9PDK ( General)
Gweneth KD9PDL (youth) (Tech)
Michael KD9PDM (Tech)
David KD9PDN (General)
Andrew KD9PDO (Tech)

The "youth" were ten years old.

And, there was one upgrade:

Matthew KD9OJB (General)

Thank you to the VE team of AB9SS, KB9DJA, AB9D, WA9YI, and AC9HP.

Amateur Radio Classes

HCARS is sponsoring a amateur radio training class for those who want a Technician license, (Beginner) of upgrade to a General Class license.

Location: Hendricks County Senior Services Center, 1201 Sycamore Ln., Danville IN 46122

Time: 7-9 pm each Wednesday night.

Dates:January 29,2020, then every Wednesday night through March 18.

Testing will be on March 18.

On January 29, you will be given further instructions on what you will need to complete the training and the test at the end of training.

APRS Information

Here are some useful links about Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS).

This is web site for Bob Bruninga WB4APR, the "father" of APRS:

Northwest APRS is a very active group in the Pacific Northwest.

And this is a "wiki" with lots of useful APRS info.

APRS Internet Server interfaces:

Substitute any callsign for N9HC. Use the wildcard (*) to get all of a callsigns SSIDs.

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