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Meeting notes: November 14, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Club President John Farmer. There were 21 members and 6 visitors in attendance.

Secretary’s Report :Ron Burke
• Minutes from October were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report :Wayne Fox
• Total balance were read

Trustee Tech. Committee Report :
• The repeater is working fine.

ARES Report : Ron Burke
• We’ll have a Welcome to Hendricks County ARES training class this Saturday hours from 1-3pm at the Abundant Life Church, 1003 W. Lincoln St. Danville. This class will be to train our new members this year about the operations of HCARES.
• Our DEC of District 5 has resigned.

RACES Report : Bob Burns
• Thank you to those who were involved in this year’s Hendricks County Halloween patrol.

Old Business :
• Hilltop certificates were passed out to those who participated in Hendricks County in this year’s event. The club came in 2nd place in this event this year.
• Need a chairman/coordinator for the club’s Hamfest in February 2017.
• The club’s Christmas Dinner will be December 10, 2016, 6-9pm at the Senior Service Center, 1201 Sycamore Ln. Danville.

New Business :
• The Technical Committee request that the club purchase some radio equipment for the 147.015 repeater.
• Slate of the club’s officers will be up for re-election 2017 are:
President: John Farmer N9CQ
Vice President: Mike Rollins WA9NCF
Treasurer: Wayne Fox KE9P
Secretary: Ron Burke KB9DJA

Additional nomination for Vice President: Scott Martin N9ARE

• HF ARRL Sweepstakes event this Saturday (Nov.19) at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds from 12 noon till 4pm on Sunday (Nov.20.)

Special Report :
• Tony Tolbert KU9V gave a presentation of DMR.

Meeting closed : At 8:47 pm Jay Wright made a motion to close the meeting, which was seconded by Barry Palencer.

Respectfully submitted, Ron Burke KB9DJA