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Meeting Notes: October 12, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President John Farmer. There were 24 members and 3 visitors in attendance.

Secretary’s Report :Ron Burke
• Minutes from September were read and approved except of one amendment which Dave Leimenstoll made a motion, seconded by Barry Palencer that follows: Jay Wright mentioned about using the Laurel Testing group for the ham radio testing that will follow the ham training classes next year.

Treasurer’s Report :Wayne Fox
• No expenses for the month.

Trustee’s Report : Harold Davis
• The repeater is working fine.
• The work team that removed the brush and weeds around the inside of the repeater tower area were named and recognized for their hard work in that removal.

ARES Report : Ron Burke
• Hospital Net this Thursday October 15th. time is 9:30am on 147.570 MHz.
• We assisted the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce in lining up the parade entrants for their Quaker Day Parade on September 12th.
• This year’s SET will be coordinated with the county LEPC and the Plainfield Police Dept. This exercise will be a Cyber-Terrorists attack at the Hendricks County Communications Center which we will activate our hospital hams.

RACES Report : Bob Burns
• An E-mail was sent out to the members about participating in the Halloween Patrol on October 31st.

Old Business :
• Sixteen hams signed up for the Hilltop Contest. Nine hills were on the air.

New Business :
• Hamfest date is finalized: February 13th .
• Bob Thompson will contact the ARRL to place the club’s hamfest in with their news media and announcements.
• Ron Burke will contact the Senior Services Center for a date of the club’s Annual Christmas Dinner.
• Avon High School Robotic Club has asked the club to be a sponsor by a donation. Dennis Gilbey made a motion for the club to donate $250 to the Avon Robotic Club and to provide a free table to them at the club’s hamfest in 2016. This motion was seconded by Gordon Cotton, and was passed.

Other Announcements :
• Ham training Technician reading materials/books will be the ARRL Q&A. Keep in mind of the date of these materials. (later than 2014.)
• The location of next year’s Hamvention may be in peril, partly due to the age and condition of Hara arena.
• Mike Rollins will be contacting new hams in Hendricks County to talk about their initial interest in ham radio, then get back with them one year later and see if it has changed any.

Meeting closed : At 8:10 pm Gordon Cotton made a motion to close the meeting, which was seconded by Bob Thompson.

Respectfully submitted, Ron Burke KB9DJA