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Meeting notes: September 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by President John Farmer. There were 20 members and 5 visitors in attendance.

Secretary’s Report :Ron Burke
• Minutes from July and August were read and approved. (No Minutes were read during August meeting due to the special presentation.)

Treasurer’s Report :Wayne Fox
• Expenses for the month: $21 for Grommets for the 4-H fairgrounds, $20 for brush killer at the club’s repeater site, $100 for brush clean-up.

Trustee’s Report : Harold Davis
• The repeater will stay at its present location. The club has reached a verbal agreement with the tower owner, JES. This agreement is that the club will maintain the grounds around the fenced in area that contains the tower, and repeater building as well as the fence to keep both areas free from brush and weeds. This agreement will satisfy JES to keep the club’s repeater there in Belleville.
ARES Report : Ron Burke
• Hospital Net this Thursday Sept.17th at 9:30am on 147.570 MHz.
• The ARES leadership set up and operated a display booth at the county’s Public Safety Day held at the county fairgrounds September 12th.
• Our AEC in Liaison Bill Gouge stepped down from this position. We now have Jake Stellmack KI6PKV to take Bill’s place. We added another AEC Tom Hansen WA9YI that will handle our training and education area for HCARES.

RACES Report : Bob Burns
• Ron Burke commented that a tabletop exercise from the Plainfield Police and the county LEPC will be a cyber-attack on the county’s 911 communications system.

Old Business :
• There was a Hilltop discussion on rules and the different radio bands that will be used during this event. The site will be the same as last year’s Weakley Hill.

New Business :
• Bob Thompson and Travis Vetters volunteered to oversee the grounds at the club’s tower site, and report any problems.
• Bob Thompson and Erik Cohee will report at the next club meeting of locations for the club’s 2016 Hamfest.
• Tom Hansen mentioned to the club about co-sponsor the JOTA. No one opposed.
• Tom also wants to put N9HC on the air as a club station for Sweepstakes in November.
• President John Farmer reminded the club to start thinking about the Club’s Hamfest in Brownsburg and the Club Christmas Dinner.

Other Announcements :
• Ham training class starts on January 27th through March 30th. Time will be 7-9pm at the Senior Services Center.
• Jay Wright mentioned about using the Laurel VEC Testing group for the ham radio testing that will follow the ham training classes next year.

Special Report :

Meeting closed : At 9:01 pm Wayne Michael made a motion to close the meeting, which was seconded by Brian Dickerson.

Respectfully submitted, Ron Burke KB9DJA