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Meeting notes: December 3, 2014

The annual HCARS Christmas dinner and election of officers for the year 2015 was held at the Hendricks County Senior Services Building in Danville, IN. Pizza, salad, drinks, and snacks were provided by the club. 20 members and some spouse’s, families were in attendance.

The dinner started at 6pm with the meeting at 7:05pm. Cub President John Farmer called the meeting to order.

The 2015 HCARS election of officers are:
President: John Farmer N9CQ
Vice-President: Mike Rollins WA9NCF
Treasurer: Wayne Fox KE9P
Secretary: Ron Burke KB9DJA

All of the above officers were voted in for next year with no one opposing from the floor.

Under New business: Ron Burke handed out award certificates to some of the members present. These certificates were the result of those who helped out with this year’s S.E.T. in October. The certificates came from the ARRL ARES Field Organization Steve Ewald and were signed by Steve Ewald WV1X, and county EC Ron Burke KB9DJA.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted, Ron Burke.