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Meeting notes: July 14, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:03pm by President John Farmer. There were 19 members and 2 visitors in attendance.

Secretary’s Report :Ron Burke
• Minutes of the June report was read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report :Wayne Fox

Trustee’s Report :
• Harold Davis had a fall after the Brownsburg Parade on the 4th.
• Repeater is working fine.
ARES Report : Ron Burke
• We want to thank the club for allowing us to participate in this year’s Field Day at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds.
• We have an MOU with the town of Brownsburg to install a dual-band antenna w/coax on a radio tower at the towns Water Treatment Facility. This station will be a part of our Emergency Radio Network (ERN) that will be our back up radio communications should our primary system (Amateur radio repeaters) fail during an emergency.
• Hospital Net this Thursday morning 9:30am on 147.570.

RACES Report : Bob Burns
• Thanks for helping out at the Park to Park Relay, and the weather nets.
• Hendricks County Fair officials are concern about the weather.

Old Business :
• Number of Field Day contacts; GOTA 7, 6m 6, other 332, total: 345.

New Business :
• Wayne Fox: VE status has changed from W4VEC to ARRL testing.
• Dennis Gilbey commented about House Bill 4969 which deals with Residence Covenants. Need to get as many co-sponsors for this bill as possible.
• Field Day items to do next year: Try PSK, better advertise on site need three signs.

Special Report :
• Jason Jackson did a presentation about aircraft ELT.

Meeting closed : at 9:00 pm Bob Burns made a motion to close the meeting, which was seconded by Willie Garrett

Respectfully submitted, Ron Burke KB9DJA