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Meeting notes: June 13, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by President John Farmer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 14 members and 6 visitors in attendance.

Secretary’s Report :
• Minutes of the May report was read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report :
• Wayne Fox presented the report. Expenses were hooks, (5) for $1 each, parts for G5RV antennas, and bottled water for Field Day.

Trustee’s Report :
• Harold Davis passed around a sign-up sheet for the annual Brownsburg 4th of July parade.
• Also commented that he and Jay Wright went out to work on the club’s repeater and found that the noise on the audio was related with the solar winds. SWR was fine, 1:1.

ARES Report :
• Ron Burke said that the ARES Hospital Net will be on June 20th at 9:30am. The net controllers will be Wayne Fox at HRH, and Bob Thompson at I.U. Health West.
• The ARES staff are working on a couple of radio exercises for late Summer.
• Have two locations for putting up antennas in the county. These will be used as temporary radio stations in emergencies.

RACES Report :
• Bob Burns commented that he asked Don West what would be the criteria for this July’s State Wide RACES test.
• Bob also made a comment on some of the last minute changes made to the Park-to-Park relay race for this year, and that he has enough ham volunteers to cover the race.
• Bob attended the District 5 Communications Committee.

Old Business :
• Field Day details were discussed. The club leadership decided to move to 4 A category. Food budget, 4 cases of bottled water, hotdogs, sloppy joes, and chips will be provided. Anything outside of this list, you must bring yourself.
• Field Day starts at 2pm.

New Business :
• Wayne Fox stated that an ice cream social to celebrate Col. Steve Wagner being a candidate for Hendricks County Sheriff at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds, Tuesday night 6-9pm.

Other Announcements :
• Mike Rollins will attend the Hilltop meeting Friday.
• Mike also talked about the field trip that he attended with the ARES leadership to the Indianapolis International Airport A.O.C./ E.O.C.

Meeting closed : at 9:05 pm Bob Burns made a motion to close the meeting, which was seconded by Bill McCleary.