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Meeting notes: March 11, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President John Farmer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 19 members and 3 visitors in attendance.

Secretary’s Report :
• Minutes of the February report was read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report :
• Wayne Fox presented the report.

Trustee’s Report :
• Harold Davis said that the talk-in on the day of the Hamfest went fine.

ARES Report :
• Ron Burke said that the hospital hams will be taking a one day training course March 14. Other training classes are, April 6 NTS w/Vernon Austermiller, April 13 Fox Hunting and ELT w/Jason Jackson, April 27 NIMS update w/Travis Vetters and EMA Director Dave Warren.
• Hospital radio check net…March 21 @ 9:30am on 147.570

RACES Report :
• Bob Burns announced the NWS Severe weather spotters class went well, had approximately 20 + people in attendance.
• Park-to-Park Relay will be June 15th. The course has been shortened to 40 miles, and he will need 22 hams to help out this year.

Old Business :
• John Farmer said that the Brownsburg Hamfest was a success. The club is invited back next year by the American Legion. Next year the club is planning to form a committee to better organize the event.

New Business :
• John Farmer said that he and Ron Burke went to the County Commissioner’s office and asked about internet access in the Govt. building to hookup for an interconnection program called Ham Nation. This will be on a club night.
• Ron Burke shared with the club his QSL card that has the actor Tim Allen’s signature on it, and the story that goes with it. John Farmer commented about Tim’s show called “ Last Man Standing” and ham radio.

Other Announcements :
• Tickets are still available for the Hamvention at Dayton Ohio.
• Jay Wright stated that the ham classes that are held every Tuesday for the past several weeks will have a testing session March 19th at 8pm.
• Dennis Gilbey commented that the IRCC meeting will be held April 6, 2 to 4:30pm at the Avon Library. Dennis also made a motion for the club to pay $30 for three years of dues.
• Dennis Gilbey talked about the Wouff Hong Ceremony.

Special Report :
• No report.

Meeting closed : at 8:30 pm. Travis Vetters made the motion to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Jay Wright.

Respectfully submitted, Ron Burke KB9DJA