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Meeting notes: December 13, 2011

The annual HCARS Christmas party/ election of officers for the year 2012 was held at the Senior Services Center in Danville, IN. Pizza, salad, drinks, and snacks were provided by the club. 18 members and their guest were in attendance.

Dennis Gilbey started presenting the door prizes.

The dinner started at 6pm with the meeting at 7pm. Cub President John Farmer called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.

John thanked Peggy McNary for being the Secretary of the club.

The 2012 HCARS election of officers are :
President : John Farmer
Vice-President : Dennis Gilbey
Treasurer : Wayne Fox
Secretary : Ron Burke

All of the above officers were elected for next year with no objections from the floor.

Under New business : Jay Wright spoke about the ham class starting Jan.25.2012 and passed out some certificates and plaques to some of the members that was from the ham recognition night in Nov.30.

Meeting adjourned at 7:12pm.

Dennis Gilbey finished presenting the door prizes.

Christmas carol sing-along entertainment was provided by Dave Leimenstoll and Mike Rollins both singing and on guitar, Amanda Farmer running the song sheets on the computer viewer.

At the end of the program Wayne Fox started a slide show of this years Field Day and the Fort Wayne Hamfest which honored Rhonda Curtis WS9H.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Burke.