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Meeting notes: November 14, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by Treasurer Wayne Fox KE9P followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 13 members and 1 guest in attendance.

Secretary’s Report: There was no reading of the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Wayne Fox presented the report.

Trustee’s Report : Harold Davis said repeater is working fine, will have to tweak it soon and prep it for the winter season.

ARES Report :
• Ron Burke stated that Peggy McNary hosted November’s Simplex Net and that it will be the last one for the year.
• On October 15 we had a NIMS Overview meeting with our host county EMA Director Dave Warren. He read parts of a report entitled “Hams are now a intricate part of the NIMS plan” This report is a 53 page report that can be downloaded from our ARES website.
• Travis Vetters hosted our “how to fill out ICS forms" class on October 29.
• Ron Burke hosted a ARES beginners class to our 5 new members who joined up this year.
• No more classes will be held for the rest of this year.
• Bob Burns will host an APRS class/workshop on January 28, 2012. This date was moved because of conflict with Bob’s schedule. It will be at the Senior Services Center in Danville 1-3pm.

Old Business :
• Christmas party December 13, 6pm at the Senior Services Center. Menu will be, Pizza, Salad, and Pop. Bill McCleary is handling the drinks. Dennis Gilbey is trying to get door prizes. Wayne will have a slide show of this past years events including Field Day.
• Published results in this months QST of this years Field Day.
• Jay Wright stated that Ham classes will start back up January 25, time is 7pm til 9pm, will run for approximately 9 weeks. So far 10 people have signed up for Tech. Powerpoints will be used like last year.
• November 30 will be the amateur radio and volunteer awards night.
• The 145.130/ 444.575 repeater is currently on a crossband mode.

New Business :
• Bill Miller gave out a list of numbers that pertain to the Hendricks County Airport’s automated weather system that is located at the airfield. 118.025 MHz, Phone # 718-4872. If you notice that the drive gates are opened, which usually means a power failure, call Ron Burke and he will get in touch of the Indpls. Airport Authority to report it.
• Nominations for election of officers for next year were presented to the members with an addition of a new secretary Ron Burke. A motion was made to keep the current President, Vice President, Treasurer, and a new nominee for secretary by Mike Rollins and seconded by Bill Miller. No one opposed.
• John Farmer had tickets for the Ft.Wayne Hamfest.
• Jay Wright said that a tower climber replaced the UHF and VHF antennas on the 145.130/ 444.575 repeater in Danville.
• John Farmer mentioned about the Sunday night talk session beginning around 8 to 8:30 pm.

Meeting closed : at 8:05pm.

Respectfully submitted, Ron Burke KB9DJA