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Meeting notes: June 13, 2011

The Meeting was called to order by President John Farmer at 7:06 PM, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 17 members and friends present.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes were read and approved with one minor correction. (The “ice maker” referred to under OLD BUSINESS is actually a freezer. It does not make ice.)

Treasurer’s Report was provided by Wayne Fox KE9P.

Trustee’s Report: The tower site was mowed for the first time last month and will need to be mowed again soon. No problems with the repeater have been reported or anticipated.

ARES Report:
1. Per a meeting of the particulars, the ARES, RACES, and HCARS websites are now linked.
2. Workshops and/or classes are being planned for this winter. See Ron Burke if you have an interest in teaching one or have ideas about what sort of classes you’d like to see happen.
3. There have been eight severe weather nets so far this season. Thanks to all who have served as net controls and/or participated.
RACES Report: None other than the announcement that member Mike Rollins has retired from the state RACES organization.

1. Jay Wright went to the Danville American Legion Post 118 with last month’s letter from the Boy Scouts requesting radio equipment or funds to help purchase those. The Post generously donated $200 to HCARS to apply for that purpose. Secretary Peg McNary will write a note of appreciation to the Legion.
2. The Park-to-Park Relay in Hendricks County still needs operators. See Bill Schini if you wish to volunteer. (Next year, the event will be scheduled for the week before Field Day, instead of on FD weekend.)
3. Wayne Fox reported that he did meet on May 16th with the Cub Scout troop that had requested a talk on communications. Five scouts were present.

1. Sign up with Harold Davis if you wish to volunteer to work the Brownsburg Fourth of July parade.
2. The Hilltop Contest was mentioned, although no details have been forthcoming. To be announced.
3. There has been no contact from organizers of the club’s previous fund-raising possibilities for this year. We will be challenged to find ways to replenish our treasury in the near future.
4. Plans for Field Day were finalized.
a. See Wayne Fox for a list of who is bringing what.
b. Dennis Gilbey has antennas arranged.
c. Our on-site demonstration will be on power poles.
d. The two computers will NOT be linked for duplicates. If an operator wishes to change bands, he/she will have to change radios.
e. A Hendricks County Commissioner will be on site with a Declaration at 2:00 PM on Saturday.
f. Jay Wright is still trying to arrange for our traditional pizza at midnight, but Jack’s Pizza has been sold, so this is not a sure thing.
g. Members are asked to fend for themselves for meals other than Saturday dinner. A meal will be provided on Saturday. Food donations will gratefully be accepted. (See John Farmer or Dennis Gilbey to coordinate these.)
h. Small bottles of water will be provided by the club. Those wishing to have other soft drinks are encouraged to bring their own.

Other announcements:
1. The Indy Hamfest will be on July 9th at Camp Sertoma.
2. Former member Dave Dostie will be in the area for a visit in early July. John Farmer will announce when this occurs so folks can visit with Dave over lunch.
3. The Amateur Radio Awards Night will be on November 30th this year.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Peg McNary N9QT